Acquisitions Incorporated The Series Episode 1



The wait is over! The fist episode of Acquisitions Incorporated has landed.


Your Acquisitions Incorporated Crew are :

Omin Dran, half elf Cleric. Founder and CEO.
Played by Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade

Jim Darkmagic, human Wizard. Famous magician.
Played by Mike Krahulik, Penny Arcade

Binwin Bronzebottom, dwarf fighter/barbarian. Bouncer.
Played by Scott Kurtz, Toonhound Studios

Viari, human rogue. Intern.
Played by Patrick Rothfuss, The Kingkiller Chronicles

Dungeon Master
Played by Chris Perkins, Wizards of the Coast

The episode runs about 31 mins. And I have to mention that I LOVE the “Old School” Intro they are using!

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