Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue Companion Review




Ultimate Intrigue is  a 253-page hardcover book that is divided into 6 Chapters.

Right out of the gate in Chatpter 1 we get a look at the new character class: Vigilante, from there we move into new feats, Chapter 3 finds us learning the art of Intrigue, with that we learn how to use the tongue as weapon in Chapter 4, Spells are covered in Chapter 5. And we round out with weapons and items in Chapter 6.



Ultimate Intrigue adds the vigilante class to the game, Described as

“Skilled at negotiating delicate social situations and courtly intrigue, but they can also serve as stealthy spies or even brutish warriors”.

The vigilante is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor, and shields. They also have a dual identity where they will hide their true identity while projecting an image of someone with a different persona. I like the twist that the dual identity can add to the class, and I think this is where it shines as a new class. Your also allowed to have dual alignments, so that can be of some interest with your spells and such as well.



I think the mix of spells they are adding is are nice, there are some great ones in here, always good to see more spells to sling at your foes.


We all want to find new weapons, adventuring gear, alchemical tools and magic items. as we traverse the lands, and this book will give them to you in spades.


Final Thoughts

Production wise this book is great. My only minor Nitpick would be the font type is a bit small, maybe it was jsut me and my failing old eyes. Again minor nitpick here.  The pages feel nice and thick, I think they will hold up to continued use and turning.

The artwork is solid and amazing, I would expect nothing less from the fine folks at Paizo

The major selling pint to the book in my humble opinion is the new class The Vigilante. There are some many different unique things about the class, and how you can play it, I think it would be a blast to play.

This is one of the rare books where I think both the player and the Gamemaster will get use. There are plenty to offer for both. So don’t let that hold back if your just a player, there is enough in the book to make it worth the purchase. And of course Gamemasters will devour all the new options you are presented here.


You can pick up your own copy via the Paizo webstore In either Print or PDF version. You can also order a print copy over at Amazon


A BIG THANK YOU, To Paizo for sending us the copy for review!




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