Update 32 on Lamannia: Against the Slave Lords

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Community Manager Cordovan posted on the forums just a few minutes ago (as of this post)

UPDATE: Lamannia is now open!

We will be updating Lamannia shortly to release a preview of Against the Slave Lords, the next classic pack coming to DDO in Update 32. We’ll let people know when Lamannia has reopened, but expect it to open for preview of the new adventure pack later this afternoon.

We have also scheduled another dev event to chat with players on Lamannia and answer questions. The event will happen tomorrow, Friday, August 19th from 7:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) on Lamannia. Use /joinchannel devchat to direct specific questions to us during the event.

Against the Slave Lords can be found in the Hall of Heroes. There are Heroic and Epic quest arc NPCs near the portal to the adventure.

Lamannia character copy is once again available as well. The Lamannia Character Copy tool can be accessed from the Lamannia game client.


My plan is to make a SPOILER FULL preview video of the dungeons and some point this weekend, so look for that soon!




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