DDO Players News Episode 110 – Don’t Trust Volo!

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We have no DDO news this week, we cover what’s going on in the community via the chronicle, and we review the new D&D 5E Source book Volo’s Guide To Monsters!


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Show Notes


Game News

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 214


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DDO Players News

From The Dungeon

Volo’s Guide To Monsters Review

Wizards Of The Coast Panel At Gamehole Con

Dungeons & Dragons Inducted Into Toy Hall Of Fame

The One Ring Bundle Of Holding


On The Table Top

Krosmaster Collection Coming From CMON

Steve Jackson Games Brings Us Munchkin Wonderland

New Expansion for Elder Sign announced

Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Shadar-Kai Lvl 19

The Devil’s Gambit

Grim and Barett And STILL NO Quiver drop!

Rogue Lvl 13  (With Pineleaf)

The Twelve / Lordsmarch Plaza

  • Mired in Kobolds
  • Diplomatic Impunity
  • Frame Work


Dungeons & Dragons 5E Storm King’s Thunder

Party made it out of the Dripping Caves. They are currently on the way to Triboar, oh and Did I mention they are being taken there, via a Storm Giants Floating Castle?

They learned (well my friends kid’s learned, what happens when you poke a black pudding)

I learned that it’s just not Clerics I dislike, it’s also Firmilar’s as well. Stupid Inflict Damage Spell.

Read the instructions, for Impact City Roller Derby, does that count as gaming?


Pineleaf Week

Gnome warlock Level 13 (with Drac)

The Twelve / Lordsmarch Plaza

  • Mired in Kobolds (ouch)
  • Diplomatic Impunity
  • Frame Work (Rock-solid evidence, dimension door came in handy at the end)


  • Completed two pending projects. Yeah!


  • Some good scores and some not some good scores
  • My general goal is to score 40 – a rare achievement

Cthulhu: A Deckbuilding Game

  • I finally understand what Tom Vassal means by “A Kickstarter Special”
  • First Cthulhu game I’ve seen that fulfills both definitions of horrible
  • “Do you dare open this box?” I suggest you don’t


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