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Did you happen to hear a large sound last night? That was the sound of “Critters” everywhere cheering as during the 100th Episode of Critical Role, they announced the official podcast.


From Geek & Sundry’s Press Release :

You’ve been asking us to help you take Critical Role with you no matter where you go. Your desktop is a little on the heavy side. That laptop only lasts an hour before needed to be plugged in, and good luck finding a signal with your phone. Starting today, we solve your problems with the new Critical Role podcast now on iTunes.

Start from the very beginning (and even a little before that) to follow the escapades of Vox Machina in their first 11 episodes. Head into the Underdark yet again with our amazing adventurers as they unravel the mystery surrounding the city of Illithid. There’s no need to worry about missing a single moment thanks to the Critical Role podcast.

Head over to iTunes, Google, or the Geek & Sundry Website to find the first 11 episodes of the series waiting for you.


This has been often requested by the fans of the show, and I think will be very well received.

As I mentioned above, the show has hit it’s 100th episode as of last night, with another great epiosde, and to think this all started with just a group of voice actor friends, playing a role playing game, and has turned into a phenomenon.


I  saw a great tweet last night from a critter and asked if I could include it with this post as it just floored me. For all of us old school D&D’ers this should bring back some feels



Now if you need me, I’ll be busy for the next 24 hours


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