DDO Players News Episode 152 – Strahdvent Is Here!



Drac is joined by Bonnie Bew,Sahba Jade, And Mythery to talk about The Mists Of Ravenloft, and we get a speical reading from Madam Eva herself, as we kick off Strahdvent!

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Game News

Mists Of Ravenloft Expansion Pricing & Release Date Revealed

Update 37 Expansion FAQ

#Strahdvent Week #1

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 255

Store Sales

20% off:

  • Slayer Boosts
  • Loot Boosts and Treasure Hunter Elixirs


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From The Dungeon

Ravenloft Halloween Sale At DMSGuild


On The Table Top

Avalon Hill Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition Available Now!



Week in Gaming

Drac Week

Night Revels Key Farming, still have not run any dungeons, just spent some time farming keys


7 days to die

Permadeath team challenge Round 2


Bonnie Bew

I logged into the game!

I watched DDO videos of other ppl – does that count?

Massive Damage’s Halcyon 6

Game of Thrones Ascent

Last Empire War Z


Sahba Jade



Tales from Candlekeep

Ark Survival Evolved

Star Wars Racer Revenge


7 Days To Die

Ark Survival Evolved




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