Stop Thief Review

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1 Game Board

6 Investigator Meeples

6 Investigator License Cards

each with their own special abilities

12 dastardly thief cards,

each with a different effect on the game

36 Movement Cards

42 Money Cards


Up to 4 players take on the roles of detectives in pursuit of thieves who spend their time moving around the map on their crime spree. The game board includes four businesses, city streets and subway locations in the corners and center of the board for quick travel.

Using audio clues, players track down the invisible criminal that moves between the numbered spots on the board. Before you begin you’ll need to download the free app that replaces the “Crime Scanner”, which as a side note was VERY ahead of it’s time when the original game first came out. from the original game. The app will give players clues, be used for secret tips and is the place you make an arrest when you know where the criminal is located.




At the beginning of your turn, you’ll hit the clue button and get an audio clue as to where the criminal is on the board. Each turn brings another clue as you hone into the numbered location of the thief. Everyone has to pay attention even when it’s not your turn, as you will be able to use the audio clues from the other player’s turn to help you in figuring out where the criminal is. The thief will move around the board every turn, so even if he starts far away from you, will be able to catch up to him pretty fast as you will move your cards in your hand to move.



Dice, we don’t need any stinking dice!

Way back in 1979, the original Stop Thief was a roll and move game, you chucked dice and hoped you got a high number if you had to move to catch up with the thief.

Stop Thief uses a deck of 6 cards that correspond to a player’s character. each detective now has a little perk that can be used in the game. Some can move up to 12 spaces, or even climb through the windows (Which if you don’t have the card you can’t do)


Once a card is used, it’s discarded in front of the player. They have to play a specific card to pick up these discarded movement cards.


Book Em!

When you know the location of the thief, the player must move their character on or adjacent to that space and use the app to plug in the coordinates. A correct set of coordinates will let you know that you’ve arrested the criminal. Each criminal is worth a specific value and some have special rules when they are caught. Players are trying to collect a specific dollar amount to win the game.



Compontents And Artwork

The game board is well made and has great artwork and colors, the meeples that represent you and your fellow players are a nice wooden feel, not heavy, but not cheap feeling either.

The cards are made on good stock and have easy to read text, which I appreciate that with the vision problem I have and have talked about in other reviews.

The app works great in our playthrough we had no issues with it. Restoration Games have stated they have plans to update the app to include new game [play modes, so look for that soon.




Final Thoughts

This is a crazy fun game. There is so much depth into in it, you have to pay attention through the entire game, even when it’s not your turn (as I said above) as you need all the clues and hints you can get to figure out where the move to capture the thief before your opponents do.

This would make a great starter game for a game night, to get people warmed and up and talking. When I was playing with my 2 friends, we were all very engaged and were scrambling to make the arrest before the other. A great game for families as well, as the rules and pretty simple and easy to learn, kids would enjoy the deduction part of the game I feel.


For more information check out Restoration Games Stop Thief Page


Stop Thief can be purchased via your FLGS or Amazon




Restoration Games provided our copy of Stop Thief for this review, this is no way had any outcome on the review and my opinions of the game.


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