DDO Players News Episode 156 – Ravenloft Is Nigh



We are back from a short hiatus! We talk Ravenloft, and we get caught up and finish our Strahdvent readings.

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Game News

Ravenloft Release Timing

Previous Weeks Strahdvent Readings

  • Strahdvent Week #5
  • Strahdvent Week #6

Strahdvent Week #7

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 261

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From The Dungeon

Moria Coming To The One Ring And Adventures In Middle-earth RPG


On The Table Top

Betrayal Legacy Coming From Avalon Hill


On The Screen

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition On The Way From Beamdog


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Ranger Lvl 7 *Holding 8*


The Sharn Syndicate

  • Stand Your Ground
  • Dirty Laundry
  • The Stormreaver Fresco
  • The Bookbinder Rescue
  • Repossession
  • Come Out and Slay



  • Freshen the Air
  • Missing in Action
  • Proof is in the Poison




WolfLock Lvl 21


  • The Ruins of Thunderholme (epic)
  • Orchard of the Macabre (epic)


Video Games

7 Days To Die Permadeath Group

Died. Only Rent and I left, I had 14 minutes to live because of infection, we were both searchings for antibiotics in a building, Opened up a bathroom door and a mini-horde came out overcame me. At least I did not die from the infection! Almost made it horde night died like 1 hour (Game time) before. Rent survived.


Pineleaf Week

Dragonborn Artificer Level 6-8

Delara’s Tomb

  • The Mystery of Delera’s Tomb
  • The Missing Party
  • Free Delara
  • Return to Delara’s Tomb


Tangleroot Gorge

  • The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch (reached level 7)
  • The Last Move: Yarkuch’s Last Stand (trained for level 7)


Temple of Elemental Evil

  • Part 1 Attempt 1
    • This run felt particularly brutal.
    • Completed all commentaries, 200 kills.
    • During the boss fight, the club failed to help
  • Part 1 Attempt 2
    • Decided to skip the club in the boss fight and easily won the fight


House Jorasco

  • Redwillow’s Ruins
  • Dead Predators


House Deneith

  • The Black Loch
  • The Bounty Hunter


  • On my multi-player world, I completedbymini Nether-hub.
  • Completed the ceiling to the temple entrance.
  • Mapped my island.
  • MHC December – Mansion



  • Dragonfire
  • Carcassonne digital version
  • Paperback digital version



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iTunes Reviews

Pineleaf logic and the RNG From Grandern from Japan on October 29, 2017

  • Before I used to get down about the RNG. I would open a chest and get some useless spell material or a variety pack of lackluster scrolls like Cause Fear or Disrupt Undead. Then I found out about Pineleaf Logic. I learned that stones are sometimes made of granite and trees are usually made of wood. Simply put, if you try hard you might win! Now when I open chests, I get +4 Thieves Tools! Thanks, Pineleaf and Draculetta for a wonderful podcast, 5 stars! Dedicated listener, Grandern


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