Battlebards is back on Kickstarter


On our last episode of the podcast, we had an interview, with Alex from Battlebards. He talked about how they were “Rebooting” the project to reflect a change in the model, from a subscription based product, to a buy as you go model.

The kickstarter page went back up yesterday, and was funded within the day!



The Best Downloadable Fantasy Audio & Tools for your Tabletop RPGs — BattleBards is the most expansive Tabletop Audio Library and Tools ever assembled to help bring your campaigns a new level of immersion. An ever expanding library starting with 500+ professionally crafted tracks from the get-go to unlock for download and for streaming through your browser on any of your computer-based or mobile-based devices.


In keeping with the model change, you will be voting on what to create for:

  • 1 x Musical Scores Pack
  • 1 x Monsterscape Pack

More details to come. And, here is a more comprehensive Audio List


We want to extended a big congrats to all the team and can’t wait to see what they do next. We will be keeping an eye out, and will keep reporting on this project


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