DDO Players News Episode 31 Wheaton’s Balls?


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This week Bonnie Bew and Mooseypants join us! We cover Update 25 Patch 2 And Hotfix. Drac swears he did not rig this weeks poll! We also give our thoughts on the Temple Of Elemental Evil. Bonnie and Moosey give us the low down, on the Moosey and Bew show, which will air on the DDO Twitch channel Saturday Nights through the summer!




Game News

Update 25 Patch 2 Release Notes

Update 25 Patch 2 Hotfix           

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 140

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DDO Players News

Poll – What Classic D&D Module Should Be Next?

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #18


News Beyond DDO

Goodman Games Two New 5E Adventures On Kickstarter

Player’s Handbook 3.5 now available as a PDF

Meet Dragon+

Battlebards is back on Kickstarter

Gen Con Names Industry Insider Featured Presenters


OUR  THOUGHTS ON Update 25 Reign Of Elemental Evil

We will just have an informal chat about it, we will not being having a “review” of it per say

  • Random Encounters/Traps And Respawning Monsters
  • Loot
  • Wil Wheaton Dungeon Master
  • Rogue Revamps
  • All hail the Giant Frog!
  • Question: You may encounter DRAGONS in the Elemental nodes. Moosey and Bew have yet to find a dragon in the Air node. We want to know if the red named tempest elementals? replaces the dragon. We have feels about this!


The Moosey And Bew Show! 

Our first show on DDOStream was last Saturday! We had a lot of fun, but it’s kind of fuzzy because we still have DDO Hangovers. We’ll be hosting the Moosey and Bew Show on twitch.tv/ddostream through the summer each Saturday starting around 9pm EST.

Week in DDO

Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 3 (With friend, who used to play)

A Man Named Baudry Cartamon

  • Protect Baudry’s Interests
  • Stop Hazadill’s Shipment
  • Retrieve the Stolen Goods


Rogue Lvl 13

Temple *Holy Medusa*

Still no name drops


Pineleaf Week

Artificer Lvl 12 (with Drac)

  • Tomb of the Shadow Guard. I decided to purchase a Topaz of Water Breathing for this. Even so, it was still a pain.


Druid Level 2 (PD)

Created character and completed the village quests. Then I realized that I rolled a daily die without earning it according to the rules of the PD series. I therefore deleted the character and started all over.


Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game

My copy of the game arrived just before we started the broadcast


Bonnie Week


I died a lot. I  got enough weapons to complete my first armor/weapon set from Temple of Elemental Evil, and I did the last show with The Spring Fling static group.


Mooseypants Week


Moosey did a true reincarnation to fix her halfling thrower character’s build, but she made poor choices, so now she’s going to have to reincarnate her her halfling thrower character to fix it!


Mooseypants also streamed DDO for the first time this week on her own channel!



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iTunes Reviews

This week we did not receive any reviews but would love your support!


Featured Comments


What Classic D&D Module Should Be Next?



A paladin in hell



Not a PnP classic, but the Watcher’s Keep from BG2:ToB would make a good 3/4 quest chain finishing in a big fight vs. Demogorgon, who wouldn’t want that?



Against the giants 🙂


Uurlock Ygmeov

Tomb Of Horrors


The Oracle (From DDO Oracle)

Tomb of Horrors


Geoff Hanna (From DDO Gamer)

I think they should do the whole S series.


  • S1 Tomb of Horrors
  • S2 White Plume Mountain
  • S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth


But especially S2



I highly doubt it will happen, but I’d love to see the Dragon Mountain box become a part of DDO. Wilderness area, several quests for flagging, uber-dungeon/mountain raid, all built into the original.




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