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Sahba Jade Of The Damsels Joins Us This Week. We Cover The Arcane Ranger Proposed Changes. We Also Have a Talk About TR and Past Lives.


Game News

Ranger: Arcane Archer Changes

MyAccount Maintenance: Tuesday, October 13th from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM Eastern

DDO Included On MMORPG Five MMOs for Experienced Players

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 162


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DDO Players News

DDO Players Poll – Have You Gotten A Drop In The Devil’s Gambit?



Epic Slice, Epic Dice and the Heroic Laurel Helix on different characters. The drop rates seem reasonable, I’m guessing you could farm for these without too much hassle with a full party.


From the Forum Post



Running EE loot has dropped often and plentifully for me. I still lack the one item I actually want but the drop rates seem fine or too high if anything.




I’ve been running these quests a lot, and got all the items I really wanted quickly and easily. I’ve also been able to help other people get the items they wanted too, like the quiver, several times. So I have no complaints about the drop rates in that content.

By contrast, I found the amrath chain loot drops much, much worse. I ran them a lot, wasn’t able to pull items I wanted after multiple ransacks on two characters on EE. I eventually got the helm myself and someone took pity on me and passed me the ring for my wizard. There are still items I didn’t particularly want that I haven’t pulled even once. Demon Assault seems the worst offender.

I guess it could all be attributable to the fickleness of RNGesus, but my impression after many runs of both was that drop rates were much better in u28 content than u27 content.


Astrican on Khyber




Voted. Also: I have pulled probably 10 named items… everything I wanted, for sure. In fact, I think I can safely say this is the best named item drop rate I’ve seen for quite a while.

Problem: when equipping 6 set items simultaneously, the promised +3 bonus does not happen. (Was bug reported).


DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #36

Announcing The Winner Of Our Stormreach Campaign Giveaway!


News Beyond DDO

New Rage Of Demons Items From Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 Shows Off The Demogorgon

Vin Diesel Played DnD Over The Weekend With Geek & Sundry

Kobold Press Kickstarts Tome Of Beasts For 5E

A Look Back At Dark Suns Online With Massively Overpowered


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 19 (reached)

  • Devil’s Gambit Slice!!! Slice! Dropped! Also – Ship Kickers, Ivy Helix
  • Completed Abishai In monster manual (can’t tell I’ve been running the new quests a lot eh)


Shadar-kai Lvl 16 (

  • Devil’s Gambit No Drops.


Ranger/Rogue Lvl  16 With Pineleaf

Trials of the Archons

  • The Archons’ Trial
  • Demon Assault
  • The Devil’s Details


Pineleaf Week

Arificer Lvl  16 With Drac

Trials of the Archons

  • The Archons’ Trial
  • Demon Assault
  • The Devil’s Details


Sorcerer (PD) – Level 3


  • Garrison’s Missing Pack
    • Switched to Default mapping. That is what I was looking for.
  • Durk’s Got a Secret
  • An Explosive Situation


Cerulean Hills

  • Where There’s Smoke…
  • The Captives


The Catacombs

  • The Sanctuary
  • Return to the Sanctuary


Sahba Jade Week


The Red Eye – (Every other week) Lvl 10 Vault of Night 2 and 3


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