DDO Players News Episode 78 – Drac Vs The RNG


Not much game news this week, We talk about the results of our Poll on the 10th anniversary rewards, Cover the latest tabletop RPG and Board Game news as well, Drac has a surprise in his week in DDO, and he starts his Curse Of Strahd Tabletop group campaign.


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Game News

The Anniversary Event End Date

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 184


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DDO Players News

DDO Players Poll – What Did You Choose For Your 10th Anniversary Reward?


I am shocked at people’s’ choices. Seven fingered gloves?



I did take that on a couple characters. Keep in mind I cycled through ~70 chars overall. Lot of lowbies took the quiver. My high levels took the Comms. Mules took the cloak.


DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #47


From The Dungeon

Sword Coast Legends Developer n-Space Closes

KULT: Divinity Lost – Horror Roleplaying Game

Tarokka Deck Shipping  From Gale Force 9

Quill: A Letter-Writing Roleplaying Game Review And Interview

Dungeons And Dragons Movie Now Has A Director


On The Table Top

CoolMiniOrNot XenoShyft Now On Steam

Bloodsuckers Card Game Review


Week in DDO


Drac Week



Shadar-Kai Lvl 18

The Devil’s Gambit *Dynamistic Quiver* Drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grim and Barett


Ranger Lvl 20

The Devil’s Gambit

  • Grim and Barett

*Dynamistic Quiver* Drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also got an Shrine of Experience I Deed in same chest. +2 loot FTW


Warlock Lvl 9 (Reached 500 Favor)

Delra’s Tomb

  • Free Delra *On Elite*
  • Thrall of the Necromancer *On Hard* *Chose Voice Of The Master*


Rogue Lvl 3 (With Pineleaf)

Gnome Rogue Level 3 (with Pineleaf)


  • Sacrifices
  • Misery’s Peak

Anniversary Dungeon

Tabletop D&D

Started Curse Of Strhad Storyline

LVL 1’s We started with Death House.

  • Ranger had a hard time making fire (barely able to create fire)
  • Soon after, The we found out the Sorc of the group is a Pyro. He (as a cantrip) can create fire, so he spent the rest of our play session, lighting fires and showing the ranger how it is.
  • First Encounter was against an Demon Dog, I had the Sorc down to 0 HP and the Ranger down to 0 as well. (They survived)

*I saw how they were going to play one section out, so I changed the story on the fly*

  • I had 4 of 6 party members insane and rocking back and forth in the corner of a room after what they saw. (They are failed a saving throw) The Cleric (Stupid Cleric’s) got lucky with his roll, and made it. Made him roll to “snap” the other out of it. We ended there.



  • Blood Rage and Machi Koro


Pineleaf Week

Gnome Warlock Level 3 (with Drac)


  • Sacrifices
  • Misery’s Peak

Anniversary Dungeon (gave a nice rapier to Drac; took a cool robe for anniversary gift)


Ranger – Level 6

Temple of Elemental Evil

  • Wanted to run Part 2 but Wayfinder was hitching

Warlock (Human) – Level 7

Temple of Elemental Evil

  • Part 1: Needed a quick run to earn money as you get none when you start with Veteran
  • Cleared out Dungeon Level 1 (finally figured out how to bypass the Gatling Ballista)
  • It was annoying that I kept getting Level 8 and 9 loot.



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Patrick From DDOCast sent in an email

Sounds like you had some problems on the end fight, and in case anyone hasn’t yet told you the secret i’ll tell you.

The pit fiend isn’t really anything special compared to other pit fiends. I think he can use the chain attack that Sulu uses, but otherwise he is a normal pit fiend.

the floor however is quite deadly. If you look around you will see that the exterior ring of the circle (outside the posts) are divided into a series of platforms (they are really only 1 or 2 steps high). When anyone, including someone who is dead, stands on a platform a portal forms on top of the platform. After a few seconds the portal explodes doing a large amount of force(?) damage and applying a healing curse (curse that blocks healing like some devils and clay golems do). the platform is then safe until someone steps on it again (or if someone didn’t leave)

the trick is to first pick a direction of travel. then the group needs to rally to the same platform. Positioning should be closer to the next platform (whichever direction that may be). When a portal opens underneath the entire party goes to the same point on the next platform. rinse and repeat. remember to stop on the next non portal platform most of the way to the next platform you will travel too.

this end fight can be very hard to coordinate. Some parties only send 1 person down, typically someone who can just kite and blade barrier or a warlock or a ranged person. If any one person is out of sync it can cause problems for the folks doing it the right way.





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  1. saekee /

    I was surprised over the gloves because its attributes can be easily found on lootgen now

  2. the cleric from the party /

    Drac, your hatred of the cleric is always amusing! I did notice that your pregen characters for that adventure had no clerics….

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