DDO Players News Episode 90 – Twenty-Sided Rye

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On the show this week, we talk about our first look at U32 Named Loot! Steam wants our money a lot, Beer at Gen Con, And we review Tyrants Of the Underdark!


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Show Notes

Game News

U32 – Named Loot First Look

Steam Sale – DDO Expansion Packs

Deals In The DDO Market

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week June 24th – June 30th

Lesser Treasure Hunter’s Elixir Use Coupon Code TRSRHNT 1/Account

30 % OFF

  • Select Adventure Packs
  • Quest XP Elixirs


From The Dungeon

Numenera Starter Set Coming From Monte Cook Games

Steam Sale – Fantasy Grounds

We Have The Official Beer Name of Gen Con 2016


On The Table Top

Evil Dead 2 Board Game On The Way

AsmodeeNA Route 666 gets a new name, Hit Z Road

2016 Kinderspiel Des Jahres Winner Announced

Steam Sale – Tabletop Simulator

Boss Monster: Crash Landing Expansion Coming In September

DDO Players Tyrants Of The Underdark Unboxing Video

DDO Players Tyrants Of The Underdark Review


Week in Gaming

Drac Week




Ranger 7(Static Group With Mythery, Sahba Jade, Rent2Pwn)

  • (Solo) Finished Up Harbor
  • Sharn Syndicate (Hit Coin Lord) Got Bag


Ranger Lvl 15 (With Pineleaf)

Memoirs of an Illusory Larcenist

  • Stupid dumb, buggy quest



  • Tyrants Of The Underdark For Review
  • “Mystery” game For Review (Under Embargo! Can’t say the name yet)
  • Boss Monster


Pineleaf Week

Sun Elf Cleric (Morninglord) Level 15 (with Drac)


Memoirs of an Illusory Larcenist

  • More bugs than the Midgewater Marsh



Descent: The Road to Legend

  • Finished the tutorial campaign – got my teeth kicked during the boss fight
  • Started Kindred Fire. Starter quest was rough but I am starting to get better
  • Current running a side quest called Temple of Elemental Dragon.



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iTunes Reviews

Pleasechooseagain Left us a 5 Star Review on Itunes Japan Titled Good Show!

Just wanted to leave you your first review.. 😉 Good show it is… Good Chemistry for the hosts. nice humor about the show. Like the mix of D&D news plus DDO… being an Old school first ed. player meself.. who also started out in Greyhawk.  good show… highly recommended… worth the listen… and the shows are a good Listen/rewatch value.. because of the chemistry and good humor between the hosts… Thanks for the great show.


Featured Comments

Curtis Lusk Left a comment on Tyrants Of The Underdark Review

Disagree about the game board it’s one of the ugliest most boring of boards I have seen in my 45 years as a board gamer



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