DDO Players News Episode 121 – Ravenloft Plaguebearer


We are back!! We talk about the 11th anniversary freebies, and Pineleaf shocks Drac!


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Game News

Happy 11th Anniversary DDO

Listing Of All Items From 11th Anniversary Cake

Update 34 Patch 3 Release Notes


Store Sales

Get your cake!

11th Anniversary Cake – Get yours with coupon: HAPPY11TH (2/account)

Now – April 2nd


Free Sample Of The Week 3/3/17 – 3/9/17

Light SP Potion x10

Use Coupon Code SPELL4DAYS 1/Account


30 % OFF

Mirror of Glamering

Raid Bypass Timers

Select Cosmetic Outfits

Hats & Helmets


DDO Players News

Res Publica: 2030AD + New Horizons Expansion Contest Giveaway


From The Dungeon

Gatekeepers RPG Interview With Designer Ilya Bossov

Gatekeepers RPG On Kickstarter

New Dragon+ Issue 12 : The Inspiration Issue

On The Table Top

This Belongs in a Museum – Coming April 5 from Rather Dashing Games

International Tabletop Day Promo Items Revealed


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 15  (With Pineleaf)

Tower Of Frost

The Twelve

  • Delirium


Pineleaf Week


Gnome warlock Level 16 (with Drac)

Tower of Frost

  • Ran without Drac as I wanted to record it.
  • Had to do it in three takes because I had technical difficulties.
  • This was a very fun instance.
  • Ran with Drac at Hard after he came back – ouch

The Twelve

  • Delirium – Hirelings useful to drink them under table


Human Monk (Past Art) Level 6-8

House Jorasco

  • Redwillow’s Ruins
  • Dead Predators
  • The Graverobber


Delara’s Tomb

Tangleroot Gorge

Temple of Elemental Evil

Against the Slave Lords


Sorrowdusk Isle

  • The Iron Mines
  • The Grey Moon’s Den
  • The Temple Outpost


Gnome Artificer Level 1-2

Korthos, with the latter parts being with Sanswinda



For February, I decided to run through the alphabet

For March, I am running a One Deck Dungeon campaign



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